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Welcome to my web site where you will find gorgeous Reborn Babies... Reborn babies are newborn replica's and despite looking so very real are not, but as close looking as possible.... Their realism is amazing and they are designed to be collected as pieces of art, heirloom dolls that can be handled and enjoyed and kept as special keepsakes to be enjoyed by all.

They are very realistic sculpts that are either awake or asleep (dream babies) and come in sizes, skin tones and colours.... I like to make a rainbow spectrum of babies, every single one is an individual (OOAK) and no two alike exactly.... They are given beautiful soft baby hair (angora mohair) that is baby soft and gorgeous soft baby bodies that when you cuddle them makes them feel so very real.  They are a joy to cuddle and have the added advantage of being made of (vinyl or silicone/vinyl) which means unlike a porcelain doll can be handled and won't accidentally crack or chip...

The clothes can be changed at any time, they wear realistic newborn size clothes and the hair can be dampened and styled, straight, wavy or curly depending on the type of hair put in.... its sealed from the inside with waterproof glue to make sure it stays in.... the body is made of very soft doe suede material and the baby doll is weighted with soft fill, glass sand/beads and poly pellets... there are no biological items inside these babies... they come with gorgeous outfits and accessories... They usually come with some accessories containing rare earth magnets which some people may be sensitive to (heart pace makers), but these can be removed to make them safe...

All the babies in my albums have been adopted out and have families... There are usually babies available to purchase and I do make custom babies (made to your choice of sculpt with your choice of hair colour, skin colour, tone, size etc), so if you are interested in owning one of these gorgeous works of art please contact me via email (

I hope you enjoy visiting my sight and looking at these amazingly real babies.... Thanks again and ENJOY.... Debbie....

Reborn Baby Dolls

Experience the joy of owning a real lifelike baby doll. Artistic baby dolls can be a great gift for children to hand down to their children.  Get only the best reborn baby dolls from Debbie's Precious Petals.